Friday, December 30, 2005

Look! A Cute Picture of a Kitty!

Ethan checking on Eloise
In which your host attempts to distract you from his long-overdue posting with a half-assed post involving as little writing as possible. Holidays tire me out. So, while I should be posting my New Year's Resolutions, or my long-fermenting analysis of why I don't really like Brokeback Mountain even though I liked a lot of things about it, or a long-winded recap of the get a cute kitty picture. Two, even.
Eloise gets a condo for Christmas
This is Eloise in the snazzy faux fur, Ethan in the Blackglama. The box was their Christmas present, from our extended family - the "lesbian moms across town" division. While it no doubt looks easy to assemble, it was somewhat more challenging with a 15 pound glamourpuss who's determined to sit in it, whether you've got the walls up or not.


Grouchbutt said...

By "15-pound glamourpuss," I assume you mean Boo...

callën aléssandro said...

happy new year to you as well. :)