Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hop in the way back machine; let's take a look at Randy's costume gallery of the past!

I've always loved dressing up for Halloween; I made a clown costume when I was only eight, and once won a school costume contest (are those even legal now?) with lambswool glued to my face with corn syrup and streaked black and gray - a fine, if hot sticky and sweaty lycanthrope. Of course, this pic being from about age 20, I can't be completely sure this is Halloween. I might have just been going to a concert. I think it was Halloween, though, for some reason.

Somewhere around here, I should have a picture in my Smurf outfit - blue painted skin and spock ears, and a pair of cut off sweats turned into shorts and hat - I was clearly dressing to impress. Unfortunately, I can't find it. I was also dressing to impress the night I wore this

though as you can see "DORK!" is the main word summarizing your first impression. From 50 yards. The veins and arteries fluoresce (of course they do) and the heart is covered with sequins. If only I'd had the balls to include what the costume is lacking, I might not have looked like such a dildo.

Ah, married life...here I am with one of my old husbands. When you're married, obviously you don't have to worry about gettin' some.

That's also probably my best explanation for Darth Maude - a concept costume that was never filmed, though it did go to a party. It was basically a Darth Maul mask, a tatty gray wig, a two-headed light saber (dirrrrty!), and a caftan. Nobody got it.

But, of course, the best for last...Boo started it by finding a large plastic dish and pretending it was a hat. Next thing you know, we're shopping for fabric, and our friend John, whose sewing skills kept many a Sesame Street stage character, uh, in character, made the lovely dress and cape. I put together the hat, and came up with a way to keep it on Boo's head, and created the feather topknot.

Our friend Grouchbutt dropped in for Halloween, and we dashed around to Ragstock to find his uptown art-chick costume. While the boys were becoming girls, I set to work on my outfit; I'd already made pants, cuffs, and a long tie/scarf earlier in the week. What they weren't expecting was my willingness to shave my head - I'd grown tired of my hair anyway, and it was fun seeing their surprise.

It wasn't til we arrived at the party that someone noticed Boo's alarming resemblance to Glenn Close, so for the rest of the evening, we were the 3rd tier truck show of Sunset Boulevard.

Here's another pic. As you can see, it was a bad year for Andrew Lloyd Weber truck shows.

Happy Halloween, y'all!