Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's Not Writer's Block

One of Duane Bryer's Hilda series
It's fatigue. I don't know why I decided that boosting my work, classroom, and workout schedule this week would be a good idea. I feel like I've been repeatedly kicked down stairs. The weather, though warmer, isn't really helping. This whole time of year in Minnesota is sort of like a brown-paper-wrapped package. There's the possibility that something really great will come out of it when the time is right, but for now, it's boring, dirt-colored, and cold.

So, Oscar® drama, eh? I so did not care, nor do I think it matters as much as a lot of people seem to think it does. I actually think it was an honor for Ang Lee to be awarded for the picture; and hell, it won three of the little gold men total. But I don't honestly think it was even the best gay picture of the year, much less Best Picture. My friend Noel Vera over at My Journal Or: (see sidebar) sums it up best, I think. No doubt Crash wasn't the Best Picture either, but honestly. It's the Oscars® for Fuck's Sake! Titanic was a Best Picture winner! The Greatest Show On Earth was a Best Picture winner! Forrest Fucking Gump was a Best Picture winner! Was the real best picture this year even nominated? These people don't have taste! They're movie people! You spend 364 days a year making fun of what they're doing in Entertainment Weekly and People! (You don't? Well, you should.) In the words of the Best Original screenplay, 1987, "Snap out of it!"

In other news...well. Not much. Here's some fun stuff I found on the web this week.

Sims2 meets Depeche Mode in a lovely little video for Suffer Well. Sung in Simlish, no less!

Beliefnet's Swami Uptown Blog had this link to a very heartening article about the state of the nation.

A very impressive live-action version of The Simpsons intro.

Sorry this post is so lame. God I'm tired.

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callën aléssandro said...

I agree. Brokeback Mountain wasn't even a good movie. It was visually stunning and well acted but it did not compell me to do anything but gauge my eyes out for seeing the nastiest sex scene ever involving 2 attractive people. If I read another Brokeback Mountain story, I would fucking go on a shooting spree.