Monday, February 13, 2006

Posted As A Service to the Public Safety

Quail look like this:

I am not a fellow hunter


Phyl said...

Hahahaha! So...are you going to tell your Vice President, or shall I?

Grouchbutt said...

And it took Cheney's office about 0.0000000000000001 seconds to blame the victim. Typical. So the lawyer guy takes a face full of buckshot, and only has superficial wounds that look like chickenpox. If quail are that easy to kill, why do you need a gun? Can't you just point your finger and say "Bang!"?

Happy birthday, Mama Wylde!

Andy K. said...

Living out of the US media scape I had to look this up to know what was going on. My favorite bit was found at where they reported:

"Cheney failed to purchase a $7 upland game bird stamp, ... and will be issued a "warning citation" that carries no fines or penalties, the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife said yesterday."

So he didn't even have the correct paperwork to shot lawyers, er.. I mean quail.

Andy K.
back in Thailand